Follow Your Nose to Signs of Air Conditioning Problems

Category: Air Conditioning

Baton Rouge Air ConditioningBecause you’ll use your air conditioning nonstop when the temps rise, it will inevitably suffer from wear and tear. This wear and tear will require air conditioning repairs that can cost you a pretty penny.

Of course, just because air conditioning repairs CAN be costly doesn’t mean they HAVE TO be. By catching these issues early, you can reduce the damage and, thus, cost. And since odors present some of the earliest signs of A/C problems, you need to be aware of the smells that commonly mean something’s up with your air conditioning:

Burning Smells

If your air conditioning develops mechanical issues, its grinds and wires could become overworked. When this situation occurs, your A/C setup could begin to overheat and produce burning smells. So, once you detect those smells, there’s a chance that your air conditioning’s mechanical components need a repair.

Smells of Freon

Freon is a necessary material for ensuring that your air conditioning is able to function. Unfortunately, at some point, your air conditioning unit could experience leaks with its freon. When this time comes for your A/C, you might notice the sharp and distinct smell by your A/C’s outdoor unit. If you smell freon, call to get that problem fixed before the loose chemical can cause troubles for your A/C or even your health.

Mildew Odors

Freon leaks aren’t the only kind of leak that can occur within your air conditioning setup. You can also experience water leaks since your A/C uses some plumbing. Should a water leak occur within your air conditioning unit, you could notice mildew odors within your home. If you detect those odors, call for an air conditioning repair. Call your professional electrician and air conditioning team today!

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