You’re at Risk Unless You Have Baton Rouge Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting

Which house would a felon pick to burgle? A house with good outside Baton Rouge security lighting without any dark places to screen his activities and where he would have a good chance of being spotted by anyone looking in his direction. Or a house without outside lighting with plenty of shadows that will shield him while he works on breaking in.

You know the answer. Lighting can play an important part making your home secure and outside Baton Rouge security lights discourage nighttime burglary.

Baton Rouge Security Lighting Requires Efficient Use of Lighting Sources

It is not necessarily the case that the more lights that you have around your home the better protection they give. You do need to cover every space that a burglar may conceal himself in but too powerful lights or too much lighting can be a nuisance to your neighbors and a danger to motorists and passers by. Efficient outside lighting requires some planning but is an inexpensive and easy to install home security measure.

High-powered floodlighting that throws a bright light can greatly illuminate large areas, it is a better to use several lower power lights rather than a few high power lights however.

The problem is any spaces that high power lights do not cover will be covered in shadow. With a greater number of smaller lamps arranged to cover all spaces around your home you will be better able to deny intruders dark hiding places.

Automatic Baton Rouge Security Lighting

You will not want your outside Baton Rouge security lighting to be on all night, but prefer them only to spring into action on when somebody approaches your home. This can be achieved with the use of motion sensors and security lights are available with built in sensors. Suddenly finding himself bathed in bright light can give the burglar a nasty shock, give him the fear of being discovered and hopefully send him running away from your property.

One disadvantage of motion activated Baton Rouge security lighting is that it is prone to being set off by pets and wildlife that get within the range of the sensor, and that can mean your outside lighting turning on and off all night. Heat sensing sensors are available that only trigger when human body heat is detected within their range.

An alternative system is Hi/Lo control security lights that are permanently on set at twenty percent power until the motion sensor detects movement then they brighten to full power.

Place Your Baton Rouge Security Lighting High

Remember to install your outside lights up high enough to be out of easy reach of intruders. It has been known for burglars to enter the grounds the of a house, disable the security lighting, then vamoose and return at another time before the homeowner has fixed the lights, and then break into the house. Lamps are available that are protected by a wire mesh guard or have high impact polycarbonate instead of glass.

Outside Baton Rouge security lighting is security measure that is reasonably easy to set up that can do a first class job of denying would be burglars cover and is comparatively inexpensive. Keep in mind though that, like all other security precautions, outside lighting is at its most effective as part of an overall security system.

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