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Baton Rouge Heating and Air Conditioning

Baton Rouge Heating and Air Conditioning ServicesAt KWATT Electric, Heating and Air, LLC, we offer a full range of heating and air conditioning services including new sales, troubleshooting, service and regular maintenance. We also offer analysis of systems to test for proper sizing and balance, as well as correcting these problems to provide optimum comfort and efficiency. Leading industry HVAC professionals have said that an estimate of 95% of all heating and air conditioning systems are not installed properly, thereby costing homeowners excessive energy bills. Let the professionally trained Baton Rouge HVAC contractors and electricians at KWATT Electric, Heating and Air ensure your heating and air conditioning system is working properly to provide you with optimum comfort.

Most customers looking to replace their heating and air conditioning systems want to find a reputable company who will provide a quality installation for a great value.  At KWATT Electric, Heating and Air, we can do all that.  Our technicians are trained and can provide the installation you are looking for that not only delivers consistent heating or cooling to your home, but can help extend the life expectancy of the unit as well. 

Our Baton Rouge Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Provide:

  • Heating Repairs
  • AC Repairs
  • AC Installations
  • Heating Systems
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • AC Troubleshooting
  • Heating Troubleshooting
  • Central Heating and Air
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Heating and Air Maintenance

We Provide Heating and Cooling Services in the following areas:

Baton Rouge, LA | Denham Springs, LA | Gonzales, LA | Prairieville, LA | Port Allen, LA | Plaquemine, LA | Brusly, LA | Addis, LA | Baker, LA | Zachary, LA | Saint Francisville, LA | Walker, LA | Port Vincent, LA | East Baton Rouge Parish, LA | West Baton Rouge Parish, LA | Livingston Parish, LA | Ascension Parish, LA | Iberville Parish, LA | West Feliciana, LA

Why Baton Rouge Should Hire Us for Heating and Air Conditioning

At KWATT Electric, Heating and Air, our techs undergo extensive and ongoing training. The safety of your home is paramount. Whether you are living in your dream home or just starting out, KWATT Electric, Heating and Air, your trusted Baton Rouge HVAC contractor can help you achieve the look you want. If you are suffering from dimming lights every time the air conditioner comes on or trip a breaker when using a hair dryer and the television at the same time, KWATT Electric, Heating and Air is here to meet all of your needs.

It's all about TRUST... Your home is your castle, and you don't want just anybody coming into your home. What makes KWATT Electric, Heating and Air any different? We provide quality products and installations. You can also count on us for Up-Front Pricing - no surprise bill inflation at the end of a job. The price quoted is the price charged. You can RELAX knowing that your budget is not going to be blown away by a mistake or oversight.

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If you are looking for heating or air conditioning services in the Baton Rouge area then please call 225-247-1016 or complete our online request form.